Our End-to-End Engineering solution expertise include:

  • Electrical Primary Engineering (Switchyard equipment’s – Transformer, CT/PT, CB, etc.,)
  • Electrical Secondary Systems Engineering (CRP, SAS, DCS, Tele-protection)
  • Design of LT Panels, PCC, MCC, IMCC, Marshalling box for power distribution & process applications
  • Earthing calculation and earth mat / earth pit design
  • Transformer safety equipment (such as HVWS System / Nitrogen spay system)
  • Equipment civil foundation design
  • Control Room Engineering
  • Mechanical, Electrical design for control room building
  • Equipment Structural design
  • Busbar & gantry design
  • Field Component such as Power & Control Cable, FO cable, sizing, cable tray, cable joints and termination design
  • Lighting solution including illumination study within & outside control room, street lighting and switchyard lighting including mast towers
  • Substation facilities such as LCD Video wall, HVAC, Fire fighting, C&I devices, CCTV, IT networking and Public address system, etc.,
  • Power System Studies such as Load flow analysis, short circuit study, harmonic study, arc flash, relay coordination and setting studies etc.,