Solutions for Automotive Industry

  • Robotic Solutions

Small, Medium and Heavy Industries make and/or move material. Often the nature of work would be hot, heavy or hazardous, requiring high degree of precision, accuracy and repeatability of tasks. Wherein human operators are not desirous, Robots are deployed to accomplish such tasks successfully.

Actemium has the required expertise and experience of building turnkey solutions involving Robots from all leading brands along with necessary controllers, auxiliary and safety setups, software development, commissioning, training, and post commissioning support.

Our Robotic solutions have been deployed in the areas such as Welding, Pick-and-Place, Machine Tending, Material transfer, Assembly, Inspection applications etc.

  • Robotic Welding Solutions
  1. ARC welding Applications
  2. CO2 welding Applications
  3. PLASMA welding Applications
  4. TIG welding Applications
  5. SPOT welding Applications
  • Robotic Handling Solutions
  1. Machine Tending Applications
  2. Pick and Place Applications
  3. Material transfer Applications

  • Services Continued

    • Jigs and Fixtures for Robotics
    1. Jigs and fixtures are s pecial purpose tools used to facilitate production activities viz. machining, assembling and inspection. These are predominantly employed to        hold and position the work or locate and position the tool. Application of such tools are found in tasks involving the manufacturing of complex geometry shapes,            intricate designs, and interchangeable parts.
    2.  Equipped with the underlying technical know-how along with necessary software tools and a strong design team, Actemium offer solutions to its customers with           rugged, yet precise and accurate jigs and fixtures.
    • Measurement and Detection Systems
    1. Vision based solutions along with Robot systems is the new technology which caters most of the Automobile and Pharmaceutical Industry. This approach improves the efficiency of the existing production system with reduced cycle time.
    2. These stat-of-the-art novel and modern solutions also address the issues associated with human operators. The software and logic also include Artificial Intelligence approach built-in to make quicker decisions.

    These solutions are already deployed by our teams in leading Automotive Plants.

  • Services Continued

    Manufacturing Industry

    • Special Purpose Machines
    • Actemium possess the expertise and experience in building SPMs for small, medium, and large applications involving light to heavy manufacturing.
    • These machines are designed and built for specific products to improve productivity, reduce cycle times, enhance quality, and increase efficiency.
    • Building up of SPMs not only involve clear concepts and detailed engineering, but considering their uniqueness, it also involves casting, forging, machining, sheet metal, fabrication, specially designed tools, jigs and fixtures, sensors, instruments, controllers, hydro-pneumatics, and electricals as well.

    Actemium has successfully delivered many such SPMs to customers from Automobile and Manufacturing industry for varied production needs