About Electrical

Design, Supply, Erection and Commissioning of elements of a substation Overhead lines, Ground wire. Transformer, Circuit breaker, CT,PT, Lightning Arrester, Isolator, Insulator, Bus bar,     Capacitor Bank, Earthling, Fencing etc.

  • Structural Engineering for Substation / Cable Gallery design
  • Power Transformer Overhauling
  • Bus-Ducts – Aluminium/copper
  • 33KV/11kV/6.6kV Boards/CRP/HT Capacitor/Transformers/RMUs/MV VFD
  • Power Evacuation / Synchronization / power system study

      Field Elements

  • Cable Trays/Structural/Earthling
  • Lightning/Cables (HT/LT/Control/Instrumentations)/ All Type of HT Cable XLPE , and termination
  •  Lighting Solutions including street lighting