About Mechanical

Actemium has expertise in providing complete solutions for production systems from design concept to manufacturing, commissioning as well as documentations as required in mechanical solutions

Our mechanical services include:

  • Understanding of client’s requirements, analysing them
  • Conceptualization of the mechanical solution for the customer requirements
  • Preliminary/basic design of the solution
  • Detailed design of the solution.
  • 2D/3D modelling preparation of of the concept solution
  • Simulation of the solution.
  • DAP – Design approval process with Clients.
  • Manufacturing Process as per Design and Modelling.
  • Parts Design, Modelling and Analysis
  • FEA Studies Concerning Structural Resonance & Thermal Expansion
  • Motion & Vibration Analysis
  • Procurement, Build & Installation of the solution
  • Testing of solutions along with electrical and automation systems
  • Complete Documentation

Actemium also offers following services:

  • Jigs and fixtures are special purpose tools used to facilitate production activities viz. machining, assembling and inspection. These are predominantly employed to hold and position the work or locate and position the tool. Application of such tools are found in tasks involving the manufacturing of complex geometry shapes, intricate designs, and interchangeable parts.
  • Equipped with the underlying technical know-how along with necessary software tools and a strong design team, Actemium offer solutions to its customers with rugged, yet precise and accurate jigs and fixtures.
  • Jigs and Fixtures for the mechanical set up