Following the design phase and prior to the maintenance phase, the “Build” phase, covering implementation, is central to the industrial life cycle “sequence” of every project. This is the traditional core business of the Actemium teams. Around it, they have built a one-of-a-kind set of solutions & services for industry.

Actemium’s “Build” services cover all the major industrial sectors. The brand is made up of some 400 Business Units spread over 41 countries, which work either directly with industrial clients or, less frequently, as partners of specialised companies or major engineering firms. With the goal of meeting its clients’ needs and optimising their industrial performance, Actemium builds on its broad range of expertise, substantial track record and powerful network to provide a customised service in strict compliance with the highest safety and quality standards.


Project implementation comprises several phases, each of which requires constant attention and careful coordination.Actemium pools its full range of resources to offer you complete and fully transparent project management at each stage of the operation carried out on your behalf.


To meet your needs and ensure the successful completion of your projects, Actemium makes available to you its:


Actemium assigns its experts according to the industrial sector and the process covered by the project. All experts are professionals with in-depth experience in industry and in the relevant industrial sector. Each has a solid grounding in the client’s business activity and issues, as well as in the applicable regulatory standards.


Actemium offers in-depth expertise in the four key areas of activity required for projects in the industrial sphere:

  • Process Control and automation (monitoring and control, supervision, etc.)
  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Mechanical
  • Process utilities


Actemium’s broad offering lies at the intersection of industry’s various fields of know-how, technical expertise and activity sectors.

The brand’s business units work for their clients under a wide range of contract types:

  • A contract covering a specific service designed to address a single issue (such as the wiring of a machine or the modification of a facility or a system).
  • An integrated contract (Such as a contract in which Actemium assumes responsibility for a complete facility or production line).
  • A global contract involving one or several areas of expertise provided by Actemium.


When Actemium’s teams manage all or part of an industrial company’s production process (especially in the case of an integrated approach), they are able to make a commitment to the final result, a production objective, an availability rate or a “cycle time”.

Actemium’s teams gear their work entirely towards the industrial performance of their clients.


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