About Instrumentation

Actemium offers following services in Instrumentation in  process automation applications that includes design/selection/procurement/Installation and Commissioning.

Selection of Analytical Instruments for Pre-treatment ,UF, SWRO ,BWRO ,EDI ACF as required by the application

  • Turbidity Analyzer
  • Silica Analyzer
  • ORP Analyzer
  • PH ,Conductivity Analyzer
  • Salinity Analyzer
  • Chlorine Analyzer

Selection of Flow , Pressure & Level Instruments for UF, SWRO, BWRO, EDI, ACF as required by the application

  • Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter
  • Pressure ,Differential Pressure transmitter
  • Pressure ,Temperature flow Gauges
  • Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Complete engineering design as per required for the application which includes

  • Cable Tray Layout
  • Cable Schedule ( Power , Valve , Signal ,Communication)
  • Instrument Layout
  • Hook-up Drawing, Loop Drawing
  • Installation and commissioning