March into future with Industry 4.0

Integration of automation and data exchange in manufacturing

Agile, adaptable, sustainable, more capable

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the drive towards intelligent automation and digital platform with industrial networked applications. It ensures that the processes are connected and information flows across the value chains. The technologies for industry 4.0 contribute to organizations in achieving better work environment, increased employee morale, reduced lead time, improved product quality with personalized products, thereby helps organizations in attaining sustainable goals.

Industry 4.0 concepts

Data collection, analysis and information sharing   Internet of Things, Sensors, Digital twins
Production and Shopfloor   Automated production, IIOT, Robotics
Information and process Integration  Cyber security, Cyber Production Systems


Challenges of an Indian Industry – Current and Future


  • Availability of Skilled manpower
  • Digitization and Automation Challenges
  • Efficient energy consumption and transition
  • Environmental and sustainability challenges

Future ready

  • Reduced carbon Footprint
  • Personalization of production
  • Human centric
  • Intelligent and efficient

Industry 5.0

Added to the industry 4.0, 5.0 focus on collaboration between machines and humans to create sustainable products and services.

ACTEMIUM India offers its solutions and services to Industries as a partner in their journey of energy production automation, energy optimization and digitization through its process automation solutions, mechanical and robotics, electrical solutions. It also offers value added services and skilled resources to support industry in overcoming their manpower challenges.